Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy 3rd

Third month on ARV's. Still no side effects. Good. No more fever, no rashes. I hope that everything will be ok na para I don't have to switch meds. New adjustment na naman yun e. Working on increasing my CD4 na, para mabawasan na meds ko. I am still taking Azithromycin and Cotrimoxazole as prop, there's also another maintenance drug for hypertension. 

Lat Friday i went to my hub to submit my Philhealth docs. The ever bubbly new nurse asked if I am on Azithro, I said yes. Voila, she gave me 6 tabs, all from DOH. She made me sign this Rx docs and that's it. It saved me almost a thousand bucks for the 6 tabs. Yes, may funds naman pala for meds for OI, ang tanong, nagagamit kaya talaga for the meds. According to the friendly nurse, before, DOH gives the hub 20 boxes of meds for OI, now it was decreased to 10 boxes. Ano kaya nangyari? We'll never know. 

While waiting for the Philhealth personnel, I waited in the clinic. Becky din pala si pretty nurse. First, I noticed, siya lang ang unang nurse na nakita on duty na naka-skirt. Take note, floral skirt. In fairness, bagay sa kanya. Sabi ko nga, siya na ang maganda. She even asked kung maganda daw ba ang color ng lipstick niya and kung bagay daw ba. I said, sa ganda mong yan, kahit ano bagay. And with that, almost an hour kami nagchikahan. Sad lang, she'll be there until Nov 15 na lang, the original Nurse who went on maternity leave will be back by then. Until next time, my "girl crush" nurse. Good luck on your next journey.

Good luck on my journey as well. To this life long battle. To another 3 months, years, hopefully decades.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"boxed" office

When you’re alone you get to think about a lot of things. I was early for work today (as usual), since I started working; I have never been late for work. I usually have my breakfast in the office. Sa katahimikan ng office may mga pumasok sa isip ko about my cubicle:
  1. Chikahan place: It has been a place of kwentuhan during down time at work. When few of my co-officers would just sit beside my table and started sharing practically about anything and everything. In these small talks that most of the great ideas at work was born.
  2. Guidance/Principal’s Office: It served as the primary office for my staff who needs some "spanking". In the rare occasion that I get disappointed with their performance, the walls of my cubicle has been a witness to our small talks and most of all hurrahs for a job well done.
  3. Confession room: For my fellow officers, who shared their sentiments about work, our boss, on handling people, shifting careers and life’s other non-such.
  4. Shock absorber: For some reason, ang cubicle ko ang hingahan ng sama ng loob ng co-officers ko. "Busy ka ba? Pwede dito muna ko." "Sure.", suddenly they would start sharing and one thing I knew umiiyak na. It’s a good feeling that you’re officemates and friends trust you. It’s also good for them to know that amidst the busy sched, cluttered table and horrible deadlines, there’s someone who’s willing to listen. Naging comfort zone na nila ang cubicle ko.
Most of all, my cubicle has been a witness to my silent cries when I learned about my status. For a month, when everyone else is in chaos, I was there working silently. Some officemate would ask why I do I look sad or quiet, I replied by simply shrugging. It has also witnessed how I bounced back and moved forward. I love my cubicle; it’s funny how my officemate would always say, "Ang linis ng cubicle mo, nakakahiya naman sa table ko." I take that as a compliment, I know I have this tendency to be OC. Besides, most of my time is spent within this small box, I have to make sure na malinis and comfy ang work place ko.

I will miss my cubicle when I go back to my mother unit. For now, I have at least 6 more months to make another good memories with it and the people to share it with.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Last weekend was a blast. Out of town with friends. Dinner down south overlooking the small town of Talisay. Though it was foggy that night, we still enjoyed the view and the dinner. With good friends around you, how can the evening go wrong. We were there to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of a very good friend and her partner. Weekend was a celebration of friendship, love and life.

Sabi nga nila, "pag masaya ka may kapalit"…This week is "major, major" stress. Daily meetings, one major complaint a day since Monday. What else can I ask for? As of this writing, I just got back from another meeting to discuss a complaint. At sa kadaldalan ko, since I was able to interpret what transpired to the account I have to call the client and explain. Sometimes, it’s better to keep your mouth shut. Hehehe! Sige na nga, I’ll take it as a compliment, according to our Compliance Officer, "Lagi ka naman naka-smile, kahit sa phone when I talk to you I can feel that you are smiling. I know you can appease the client." Voted pa ko as PAL’s sunniest personality. Award! Hahaha!

But seriously, what I need right now is KITKAT, yes, I need a break! Pero nauna na nga last weekend. This weekend…ipapalo ko na lang ‘to. Another badminton tournament – stress buster.

Tara let’s have a break, let’s have a KITKAT and a massage. Or massage with Kit or Kat? Ewan!

Monday, October 03, 2011

A Prayer

Just want to share this prayer to everyone out there.

Prayer for the Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit

Dear Lord,
I know that there is no sickness you cannot heal,
You know all things,
You can do all things,
and I know that You love me very much.

With faith in your promise
That whatever we ask in prayer,
You will grant us if it will be good for our soul.

I come before you to ask for the healing
 of my body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Touch me now where I am hurting most.
Only you know what kind of healing I need most right now.
Let the grace of your divine love
 flow and spread to the different parts of my body
 reaching the inner recesses of my being.

Comfort me in my pain and anguish.
Correct any malfunctioning of my body organs.
Melt with your healing love any abnormal growths.
Arrest all further spreading of all sick cells
 and replace them with healthy cells.

Root out all unresolved hurts, resentments, fear
 and feeling of despair and frustration.
Heal all painful memories and repercussions
 of traumatic experiences.

Grant me the grace to accept this trial
 and sufferings and offer this for the salvation of my soul
 and those of my family and loved ones.

Forgive me for all my sins
 and fill me with your love, peace, joy, kindness and generosity.
Let me realize the deeper meaning of my sickness and trial
 and lead me closer to you as I find comfort in your loving heart.

Let me find joy and peace amidst my suffering.
And with eyes of faith, see the blessing and victory that await me.
And then, Dear Father, after I have been healed,
May I be a witness of your healing power
And bring glory, honor and praise to you..

This I pray in Jesus’ name through Mary and all the saints. Amen