Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love Month

(Warning: A long read. Might bore you. A month long thoughts and musings.)

It’s the end of the month and I have not written anything yet…I know I promised to write as often but my busy schedule won’t permit me to…But I won’t let this month end without having at least one entry.

The year started a bit shaky for me, health wise at least. Last month, as mentioned in my previous entry. I was rushed to the ER twice due to Costochondritis. But I’m ok now.

And so the love month is almost over, but as the song goes…”where is the love?” hahaha!

There have been good news and heartbreaks this love month.

I have been busy with work that I never really noticed that Valentine’s Day is almost near and that I have to spend the day alone – again, for the nth time. I don’t mind actually. Living alone for almost seven years makes no difference of spending the “love” day by myself.

So much for the V-day. This month, I have met a fellow pozzie. We have been communicating since late last year if my memory serves me right. We planned to meet and have dinner or coffee but our schedule won’t permit us to. And cliché as it may seem; we’ve finally met due to unusual circumstance. He left his meds at home and I have extra since we are going out of town for the office team building. I lent him my meds and that’s how we’ve finally met. We meet again after a week, had dinner and movie. We have yet to schedule or next meet up.

Last weekend was another blast. We went out of town again – with my officemates. Spent the night in one of the resorts in Batangas and headed to Tagaytay the next day. That was the only time na napuyat ako after a long time. We stayed until 4am playing cards. I feel normal – again. It’s liberating to do the things that you have been doing before. Except that I did not drink. They were asking me to, but I gladly refused.

Today, I met another angel. We all know that I am still under prophylaxis. I am still taking Azithromycin and Cotrimoxazole. My doctor told me that I will only stop taking the prop if I get two consecutive count of CD4 of 50 and up. Initial CD4 is 31; next CD4 count is due next month. Goal is to make it triple digit this time and next CD4 count will be six months after. So, I still have to take it for another 9 months or so. Today, I met someone who gave me his extra Cotrimoxazole caps. And it’s good for one month. That would mean savings for me. Thank you so much – you know who you are. Thank you also to @iamhivpositivem, I met the guy through him.

This month also, I was able to talk with other pozzies. And I hope that with the little knowledge and experience that I have, I was able to help them. I hope that the “words of wisdom”, if I may call it has helped them in one way or another. Remember that an angel is just always around the corner ready to listen.

This month could have been perfect if not for the one sad news, which really broke my heart. My Doctor in SAGIP-PGH will be leaving and will only be in SAGIP until today. Ang sad no? She’s been my Doctor since I was diagnosed last May. I met her in June and she has been taking care of me for the last 8 months. It really breaks my heart knowing that she’ll be leaving. She’s leaving SAGIP because she’s already done with her fellowship. I don’t know these things about med but I know that she can start her private practice. And I told her that if she decides to start her practice, she just let me know. I will follow her and be my private Doctor. I have nothing against the other Doctors in PGH, but I have developed trust and “friendship” with her. I am so comfortable talking with her. I will surely miss her. Doc Rose, thank you so much and good luck. See you around.

Love month is over…Summer is here…I will be busy preparing for my next trip…Ang mga intsik kasi ang daming requirements, I just wanted to see The Great Wall…Oh well, securing an NBI clearance pala will really test your patience.

That’s all for now. Hope you had a blast this love month and hoping that you’ll have an Amazing Summer.

Keep the faith. Stay healthy. Keep smiling. Keep the good vibes coming. 

And to the new followers, thank you.