Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy 12th

Angel is still alive. After a long hiatus, I finally got to update my blog.

Exactly a year ago when we decided to bring our friendship to the next level. Though we both know that you will be working out of the country and we will be 4000 miles away and 4 hours apart, we promised to make things work for us.

I have never been into a long distance relationship. And I must say that I was scared at first. The uncertainties of things. The what ifs and whats not. I have never cried the way I did the night before you left. It's as if everything is being taken away from me. We have been physically together for barely a week and then there you are saying goodbye (for the mean time at least).

The first two weeks was hell for both of us. Both adjusting to our situation and you adjusting to your new work and new environment. But as time goes by, thru intermittent skype signals we battled it out and emerged victorious. There was a time when we felt like almost giving up. But our love and feelings for each other prevailed.

It was only last July - and only for a week that you were able to have a very short vacation. Thanks to Eid Holiday we get to spent a night together. That was 3 months ago. And after the stalled plans, the petty quarrels and misunderstandings, here we are celebrating our 12th monthsary.

Still, we are 4000 miles away and 4 hours apart but I am very happy. Mahal, I can never thank you enough for the love and acceptance. You knew from the start that I am different and you accepted me wholeheartedly. You introduced me to your family. They are my family now and mine is yours.

A year ago, we were just talking about our dreams - for ourselves and our own families. Now, we are talking about our dreams - for us, for our future. For our good life ahead.

Mahal na mahal kita my hubby, my soul mate. We will make things work for us. We will continue to keep the love burning. We will continue to make the magic working.

I love you so much Sir. Happy 12th.

Live. Laugh. Love. This is life.