Tuesday, March 13, 2012

House Arrest

House arrest again for another week.  Last Friday I went to Megamall to have my left foot checked. I’ve been experiencing on and off pain since late last year.  The last time I had it checked, diagnosis is soft tissue inflammation.  Last Friday I finally decided to see an orthopedic and have it checked as the pain never goes away and it I seems like it’s growing every day.  To my surprise, the cute Doctor said that he can no longer give me meds for pain and inflammation since pain is chronic already. So he advised that we inject steroids for the tendons and cast my left foot after. Reason: Tendinitis. So guys, I suggest, any pain you feel or any discomfort go and visit your doctor at once and have it checked.  ‘Wag ako gayahin. 

Thanks to a good “twitter” friend and a fellow poz who was with me at that time. He accompanied to the clinic and all the way to the taxi bay on my way home. 

All plans ruined, all schedules messed up. I was supposed to have my CD4 count today, together with a very good poz friend. Oh well, I will just have it done next week. 

Baby again, for one week. Yung ang una kong naisip. I will have to stay in my parent’s house. Here, almost everything is within arm reach. For two days now, my dad prepared my breakfast. Mom cooks lunch and dinner. And because of my condition, they don’t want me moving around too much. Clothes, food, water even meds – inaabot na lang. I feel helpless but I can’t do anything about it for now. It’s hard to move around with one foot on cast. And instead of thinking that way, I think of it as a blessing. To appreciate my parents and how they care for me and how they really love me. I can see the worry on their face every time they see me walk (I am using a cane when walking), afraid that I might fall or stumble. Oh parents, they are the most wonderful gift from heaven.

My parents are just AMAZING. Since I was a kid, mom has been taking care of us. I remember having “yaya” until I was in 2nd grade and since then Mom has been hands on with me and my Ate. Dad has his own way of showing his love and affection for us. Simple things like cooking our fave food, preparing my breakfast, buying my meds, making sure that all my stuff in my place is in order. And in times like this, that I can really feel their love and care. 

If only for these reasons, I want another House Arrest…even for life. Seriously, I just want to get better and start to work again. I miss going to work; I miss my staffs, my officemates. But when I report for work next week, I will definitely miss my dad’s breakfast and my mom’s freshly cooked lunch and dinner. And more than anything else, I will miss the time spent with them. Watching our favorite show together. Laughing at each other’s joke. Pigging out. I will definitely miss this “House Arrest”.