Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A Quarter in the Year of the Snake

(Warning a long read.  You might get bored along the way.)

How are you my imaginary readers?  It’s been a while, I know I promised to write as much as I can but unfortunately, my new schedule at work eats up most of my time.  To those who know me personally, it’s no secret  that I have transferred and moved to a new unit/department in the company which requires me to move around the area.  Anyhow, after a long time of being quiet and a month long hiatus in twitter, I am glad to say that I am back.

A lot of things have happened during the first quarter of the year.  I remembered saying that 2013 is my year.  I claimed it and I think and I must say that so far, the odds are on my favor.

January – Natal Month:

A few days after we welcomed the New Year I turned 33. Before 2012 bid farewell, I said to myself that 33 on 2013 is my lucky year. And so I claimed it. I must say that I am in the pink of health and have never been to ER or visited my Doctor for any untoward incident other than my regular check up.

I have a post celebration of my birthday in Cebu and Bohol with my travel buddies – my Aunts.  Being away in the city for 4 days has helped me soul searched a bit and relaxed from the “hurly burly of the city life”. I remembered the first time I went to the Queen City of the South in 2007, I didn’t know my status yet.  And I must say, it doesn’t make any difference now. Except for the constant reminder of my phone to take my meds at 9am and 9pm.

While in Panglao, Bohol my aunt reminded me to secure my papers and work on my US Visa so we can plan our vacation. I was in awe, and didn’t know how to respond.  Part of me feels excited and a part of me feels sad because I am really half hearted about going to the Big Apple.  We have been talking about this US trip since our Beijing trip last year. And up to now, I have not worked on any single document that I need for the visa. Oh well, the big “American” vacation can wait.

On my birth month, I decided to be active in one of the advocacy groups that I am part of. I attended events and have met new friends.  It is also during one of the assemblies that I met someone who deeply expressed his feelings and showed affection for me.  Flowers, chocolates, cards, letters, regular visits.  What else can I ask for, all the while I thought that he is the one for me. But unfortunately, hindi pwedeng kilig at bait lang. You have to feel something special about the other person and you have to feel the “spark”.  Which unfortunately, I don’t have for the guy.

 February – Love Month

After countless years of celebrating Valentine’s Day alone, I get to spend it with someone this year.  Mr. Sweet Suitor paid me a visit and prepared dinner for me.  And not to mention the flowers and the chocolate that he gave me.  He even made a video of me with one of my favorite songs as the background. I am really speechless.

But, like what I’ve said earlier, hindi pwedeng puro bait at kilig lang. You have to feel something special for the other person. Yes he makes me smile, but I don’t think that it is enough for me to take our friendship to the next level.

A few days after telling Mr. Sweet Suitor that we’re better off as friends I accidentally met someone who has completely swept me off my feet and took my breath away ( I will be posting a different entry for this one).  And as of this writing, Angel and his hubby just celebrated their 2nd month together as a couple and we are working very hard to make it work and to make the relationship strong and to make it last .

After 9 loooong years of waiting and being single, I am proud to say that ANGEL is now officially partnered and very much happy with his hubby which he fondly calls, LOVE.

March – Dare. Care. Share.

As you all know, I am part of the advocacy group Love Yourself. On this month, TLY conducted mass testing for MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) in Victoria Court in Malate.  This is the first time that I have joined TLY’s  major event and to top it all, I was considered to head one of the committees for the said event.

Tiring and very fulfilling. I may not have done much of counseling or educating but I am happy that in my own little way, I was able to help the community through Love Yourself. 

Dare. Care. Share. Love Yourself.

So far, the first quarter of 2013 has been good to me. I was able to disclose to my closest cousin and she has fully accepted me without judgement and without question. And I am hoping and fervently praying that the good and wonderful blessings will continue throughout the year.  For now, I could not ask for more other than good health for me and my family and a significant increase in CD4 come May 7.

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